Study it

Artios “Letters” have nearly a 15 year history, and many of them are posted on this site.  They are written monthly and contain easy-to-understand and read teachings, entirely relevant to everyday life.  Take a look at the many titles and you’ll see what we mean.  Some of them handle controversial Biblical topics and use Biblical study techniques designed to rightly divide God’s Word.  As you study these Letters, you will also learn how to use these same techniques.

The Audio section is filled with years of recorded teachings captured from our monthly, dial-in fellowships.  This is a great place to come to get even more in depth studies of subjects quite possibly referenced in the Artios section.  You can listen on line, or download these teachings to your computer – all at a time convenient to you.

Learn Modules are a collection of biblical teachings designed to take in order, from start to finish.  The collection of Learn Modules called Living Triumphantly in Christ is foundational in nature, taking the participant from the basic principles of believing all the way to manifesting holy spirit.

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