Getting Started

What is the “rightly divided” Word of God?  This phrase comes from II Timothy chapter two.

(2 Tim 2:15)  Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

The words “rightly dividing” mean, “a straight cutting in the sense that there is no other way to cut it.”  God expects His workmen of the Word to study and “cut” or “divide” His Word only one way – His Way.  To do this, man must learn very specific Biblical study keys, and then apply them in his daily study habits.

Our ministry is devoted to helping you achieve this goal.

We are not a religion and you can’t belong to us like you could to one of the many different worldly religions.  Here’s why.  Religion is man-made, man-conceived, and man-ruled.  Christianity is not.  Christianity is the way of the Father with His children.  You can belong to God’s family, and that’s where God wants you to stay.  He doesn’t want you to make up some form of religious belief system to replace the unmistakable grandeur of being part of His wonderful family.  So, we at the RBRC encourage you to study God’s Word and to apply it in your daily life.  We invite you to participate in our functions and to use our materials.  Eventually, when you grow up in the understanding of God’s Word, we’d like you to participate in the many different aspects of service to God’s people.

We have extended our ministry’s work throughout the world and this website is the key to its distribution. People from all over the world access and benefit from our ongoing activities and materials.  Currently, we publish our materials in English, Spanish and German.  You may ask, “what events do you offer?”  The RBRC keeps things very simple for sure.  Our in-home fellowships are designed to be small, easily manageable, and to mimic the first century Christian’s approach.  Once a month, a dial-in phone meeting is available.  In this meeting, you can hear a live teaching from God’s Word and experience, first hand, what it would be like to attend an in-home fellowship.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll start one where you live!  That would be wonderful.

To help you with this, the RBRC offers several classes based on a learning phased approach.  Beginning sessions come first – all designed to get you started with the Bible.  As you progress in your understanding, more in depth teachings are made available – all at a pace that suits your lifestyle.  Contact us for more information.

I’d like to extend a hearty “God Bless You” and thank you for visiting our site and for wanting to learn more about God’s rightly divided Word.  Now, dig in and get ready for a wonderful ride along the fantastic road of Biblical discovery!

Much love in Christ,

Jerry D. Brown

I’m sure you want to get started learning God’s rightly divided Word!  Before you begin, please take a few moments to understand what is available to you and how you can use these materials.

You’ll notice a link on the menu bar for Study. When you hover over it you have access to Artios, Audio, and Learn Modules.  These are links into related areas of study where you can gain access to both written (Artios) materials and Audio (spoken) materials.  I encourage you to go into both and check them out.

The Artios “Letters” have nearly a 15 year history, and many of them are posted on this site.  They are written monthly and contain easy-to-understand and read teachings, entirely relevant to everyday life.  Take a look at the many titles and you’ll see what I mean.  Some of them handle controversial Biblical topics and use Biblical study techniques designed to rightly divide God’s Word.  As you study these Letters, you will also learn how to use these same techniques.

The Audio section is filled with years of recorded teachings captured from our monthly, dial-in fellowships.  This is a great place to come to get even more in depth studies of subjects quite possibly referenced in the above, Artios Letters section.  You can listen on line, or download these teachings to your computer – all at a time convenient to you.

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