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The RBRC was established in the early 1990’s with one goal in

mind – to make God’s rightly divided Word available to every

man, woman and child seeking to learn more about the many

wonderful things of God!

Our in-home fellowships are designed to be small, easily manageable, and to mimic the first century Christian’s approach.  Once a month, a dial-in phone meeting is available.  In this meeting, you can hear a live teaching from God’s Word and experience, first hand, what it would be like to attend an in-home fellowship.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll start one where you live!  That would be wonderful.

To help you with this, the RBRC offers several classes based on a learning phased approach.  Beginning sessions come first – all designed to get you started with the Bible.  As you progress in your understanding, more in depth teachings are made available – all at a pace that suits your lifestyle.  Contact us for more information.

Here’s a great idea!  Get your folks together in your living room, seated close to your speakers and click PLAY on your favorite audio teaching.  Need music?  Order a wonderful, Word-filled music CD and play it for great background music.  Download a study guide from our LEARN section for your next study session.  Above all, have a great time fellowshipping in God’s Word.

I’d like to extend a hearty “God Bless You” and thank you for visiting our site and for wanting to learn more about God’s rightly divided Word.  Now, dig in and get ready for a wonderful ride along the fantastic road of Biblical discovery!

Much love in Christ,

Jerry D. Brown

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