2010 Audio Archive

January 10, 2010
A Quiet and Peaceable Life
Teaching of how not to be entangled in the affairs of this life, thus ensuing in a quiet and peaceable life!
Taught by Joseph W. Brown
January 17, 2010
The Greatest Emotion
Teaching showing how we are to love God with our whole soul, and biblical examples of people loving with their whole soul.
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
January 24, 2010
The Individuality of the Soul
God’s Word clarifying more aspects of what the soul is, and how it is a separate entity from the body and from spirit.
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
February 7, 2010
Jonathan’s Soul Love Part 1
Here the Word of God lays out the “how to” of loving your own selffirst, before you can love others.
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
February 28, 2010
Jonathan’s Soul Love Part 2
Teaching showing how David and Jonathan loved with their souls and how God delivered them, and will deliver us as we trust and love Him.
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
March 7, 2010
The Beginning and End of Soul Life
Here God’s Word shows when soul life began, when it will end, and a greater understanding of what God actually created in Genesis!
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
March 28, 2010
God’s Word teaches how soul life was brought forth, and how magnanimous the swarming and replenishing of soul life is.
NOTE: Search “superswarm” at discovery.com for online videos of swarms.
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
April 5, 2010
The Grave and Jesus
Teaching showing how that the grave did not prevail against Jesus Christ, and will not prevail against his church!
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
April 25, 2010
The Ephesian’s Soul
Teaching about how the soul centered service of the Ephesians Christian is with singleness of heart and not with eye-service.
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
May 2, 2010
The Soul in Romans
The book of Romans shows how the soul can respect and obey God’s Word in any of life’s situations!
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
May 16, 2010
The Corinthians Soul
Corinthians shows that the gift of holy spirit is necessary to receive the things of the spirit of God. Natural man cannot know the things of God.
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
May 23, 2010
The Pentecostal Soul Message
Peter’s sermon on Pentecost shows that we are free from grave’s corruption, thus allowing us to remain steadfast, full of rejoicing, gladness, and hope!
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
June 6, 2010
The Soul’s Inheritance: The Spiritual Adam
Teaching showing more understanding of what the “new Adam” will be like, and how that the new body will have no five senses constraints!
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
June 27, 2010
Sweet Rest for your Soul
Our souls need rest during this lifetime! This teaching shows that Jesus Christ is the true pathway to God and to rest!
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
June 27, 2010
Testimony: Abundant Sharing
Testimony on the unmatched favor in God’s principles of Abundant Sharing.
Testimony by Catherine Brown and teaching by Jerry D. Brown
July 25, 2010
Lessons in Soul Care
Lessons in caring for your soul  and how to apply CARRBS.
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
August 15, 2010
Remembering the Poor
Who are the “poor” spoken of in God’s Word and how does God desire for them to be delivered from Satan’s grasp? This teaching gives the answers!
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
August 22, 2010
The Philippians Soul: Respect for All
This teaching has dynamic nuggets of truth showing that Christians are to be the most cheerful people on earth, and how to be so!
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
September 5, 2010
The Benefits of Abundant Sharing
Two real life experiences shared showing how God’s grace abounds in Jalene’s life!
Taught by Jalene Utzinger
September 5, 2010
The Hopeful Soul
God’s Word shows how that by considering Jesus Christ and his return will reverse all weariness and faintheartedness and results in a hopeful soul.
Taught by Jerry D. Brown
October 24, 2010
Salvation of the Soul
A tremendous aspect of God’s grace is taught, in that, no matter how weighty life’s pressures are, God is unendingly at work rescuing us from life’s fiery trials. Taught by Jerry D. Brown
November 21, 2010
Your Life – The Greatest Adventure Story
Our adventure in life with God should be the greatest! The ten amazing biblical principals taught herein show how!  Taught by Jalene Utzinger
December 19, 2010
Flesh and Spirit
This teaching shows how that by following God’s Word and having a spiritual mindset will absolutely bring a life of peace!  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
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