2009 Audio Archive

January 18, 2009
Exceptional Things in Life
How to handle the world’s aggressive sorrow and despair by manifesting God’s exceptionally great powerful Word.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
February 1, 2009
Charity and Thankfulness
God’s Word shows us how to manifest thankfulness and the agape lifestyle in the world in which we live.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
February 22, 2009
If and Shall
Well laid out teaching giving many examples in the Epistles of what God shall do if the Christian does what the Word says to do! Taught by Jerry D. Brown
March 1, 2009
Set Apart and Cared for by God
God’s Word showing how we are completely taken care of by God and how to consequently live a blessed life.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
March 8, 2009
Two Parts of Christ’s Return and the Day of the Lord
Teaching showing the second coming of Jesus Christ and what will follow our gathering together.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
March 22, 2009
How to Deal with Evil
Teaching showing the Agape way of thinking, feeling, and acting as we deal with what we are going through in life.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
April 5, 2009
The Lord in You and You in the Lord
Practical aspects of our Christian behavior are shown along with how to keep rejoicing in Christ Jesus!  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
April 12, 2009
Your Christian Roots
Thanks to Jesus Christ’s resurrection, God’s Word shows us that we have the right to live a powerful resurrection lifestyle and to be close to God.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
May 3, 2009
The Day of Atonement
Comparison between Old Testament Jewish atonement and the New Testament Christian’s atonement with God.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
May 24, 2009
Elijah’s touchstone example of trusting in God, expecting God to care for us.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
May 31, 2009
The Work’s Been Done
Looking at five fabulous things that God has done for us, as recorded in Colossians 1:13 – 22.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
June 28, 2009
Keep Reaching for the Prize
God‘s Word gives the greatest reason to joyfully live life to the fullest as powerful Christians!  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
July 12, 2009
Against All Odds
Historical account of what John The Baptist was up against and how he refused to stop speaking God’s Word!  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
July 26, 2009
Love’s Child
God’s Word shows what miserable conditions Jesus Christ was born into and how he released love to a sick and aching world!  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
August 9, 2009
Is Jesus Immanuel?
Removing confusion between the prophecy of Immanuel and the reality of Jesus Christ, the prophecy fulfilled!  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
August 23, 2009
The Incorruptible Christian
Teaching showing how God’s spirit within us is incorruptible and is the hidden man of the heart, the most remarkable and new condition!  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
September 13, 2009
Exercising Your Dominion
Teaching showing what God has given Christians dominion over, and how to exercise that dominion!  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
September 20, 2009
Our Dominion: Sowing and Reaping
Second in a series expounding the Christian’s dominion, as it pertains to sowing and reaping the things of God.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
October 11, 2009
The Power of Words: I Am
Teaching of how speaking, affirming and believing our confession of God’s Word will cause us to move ahead in life.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
October 18, 2009
Captain of Your Soul
Teaching showing the transforming process each Christian needs to master in order to have God supply every need!  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
November 8, 2009
Casting Down Imaginations
Teaching showing how to stand on God’s Word by casting down every imagination to the obedience of Christ.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
November 22, 2009
Being Faithful: The Wise and Faithful Steward
Wonderful teaching showing how to be a faithful steward of God’s Word and many godly principles to be faithful to!  Taught by Jalene Utzinger
December 6, 2009
I Was and I Am
How “I Am” is used in God’s Word, helping us to visualize, define, and understand who we are in Christ.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
December 13, 2009
The Way of the Soul
Teaching about the significance of Jesus Christ’s perfect soul, what our soul is, and how that by living according to God’s Word it will be kept safe!  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
December 20, 2009
The Body is the Mirror of the Soul
Great teaching insight on how to manage our own soul life and how to walk in truth.  Taught by Jerry D. Brown
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