2011 Artios Archive

January 2011
He Cares For You
From I Peter 5:7, we learn to cast all our care upon God.  Also listed are eight points that enable us to avoid mental distractions.
February 2011
The First Resurrection
Details and events of The First Resurrection, which will follow The Gathering Together.
March 2011
March 2011 The Second Resurrection
Details and events of The Second Resurrection, which will follow The First Resurrection.
April 2011
The Gathering Together
Learn more about the events listed in II Thessalonians Chapter 2:  The two parts of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ include our gathering together unto him and the Day of Christ!
May 2011
The Greatest Adventure Story
Living your life in Christ is “The Greatest Adventure Story” – to help live it to the fullest, apply these ten keys.
June 2011
The Journey: The Destination
Learn the great truth about our final-most destination as we journey through life as Christians.
July 2011
Let Peace Rule
Reap the spiritual benefits of knowing and understanding God’s Word by allowing God’s peace to rule in your life!
August 2011
The Sower
Understand the parable of the Sower and the Seed in a new light in relation to the Kingdom of God.
September 2011
Religious Perversion – Part One
A look at organized religion today, seeing clearly that no man is justified by any law in God’s sight.  Justification can only come from the faith of Jesus Christ.
October 2011
Religious Perversion – Part Two
Continuing in the Book of Galatians, see that the real and vital Christian existence is spiritually based, focused on the new creation of Christ in You, the Hope of Glory.
November 2011
Coming Soon!
December 2011
Coming Soon!
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