2010 Artios Archive

January 2010
The Error of the Ages
This letter shows how to embrace and live the reality that as a
Christian you are the Living God’s Temple.
February 2010
Lest We Forget!
This letter reminds us that God is our sufficiency, and to not forget
God’s goodness, benefits, love and presence in our lives.
March 2010
Living from the Soul
This letter focuses on the soul of the Christian, and how one can become
the master of his soul by loving himself and others.
April 2010
Be Found Blameless
An in-depth look at II Peter 3:14, exhorting the Christian to live a
peaceful and blameless lifestyle.  Also, learn what is in store once
Jesus Christ returns to gather us together with him.
May 2010
Approved of God
As a Christian, are you already approved, or do you need approval?
Explore the answer, knowing that Jesus Christ was approved by God.
June 2010
The Greatest Motivator – AGAPE!
As shown in Luke 7, learn how Agape and forgiveness go hand-in-hand, and
that you have been absolutely forgiven of your sins because of Jesus
Christ’s works on earth.
July 2010
Man’s Spiritual Quest
Understand who is a “natural man”, and how he can fulfill his quest to
be a spiritual man by learning God’s truth through the preaching of
God’s Word.
August 2010
The Spiritual Adam
Understand the greatness of the truth of God’s Word as stated in I
Corinthians 14:45, “The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last
Adam was made a quickening spirit.”
September 2010
Care For Your Soul
When one’s soul is weighted down with the weariness and worry of the
world, apply these dynamic keys to emerge as a Super Christian Soul
October 2010
Remember the Poor
See how the spoken Word of God regarding Jesus Christ frees people from
the curse of poverty, and how God honors those who boldly speak His
November 2010
Es Ist Lange Her (In English)
This German phrase, translated, “It’s been a long time that (or since)”
directs the question, “How long has it been since you stopped thinking
about the past?”  Turn your thoughts from those of captivity to those of
life and deliverance, pressing forward towards the mark for the prize of
the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
December 2010
All Spiritual Blessings
Addressed to those faithful in Christ Jesus, understand what it means to
have “all spiritual blessings” as described in the Book of Ephesians.
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