2009 Artios Archive

January 2009
Darkness and Light – Part II
This letter continues from the previous letter, showing the spiritual laws governing darkness and light.  Once a person is born again, they are delivered from the powers of darkness and placed within Christ’s kingdom.
February 2009
The Damascus Experience
This letter tells about the Apostle Paul’s spiritual deliverance on the road to Damascus.  Christians today can relive their own Damascus experience every day by standing on and speaking God’s truth, the Word of light.
March 2009
Our Past is Over!
This letter shows who and what the Christian was before being born again.  It explains how Christian men and women are now God’s masterpieces, created in Christ Jesus.
April 2009
Peace of Mind
This letter explains four powerful steps outlined in Philippians 4 that a Christian can apply to insure a peaceful lifestyle.
May 2009
Living in a Crooked World
This letter discusses how Christians can shine as lights in the midst of a crooked and perverse world.
June 2009
Tax Lessons
This letter looks at a record in Matthew showing how God will always provide for a Christian’s needs when their trust is put in God.
July 2009
Gentle Ruth
This letter unfolds the life of Ruth, a virtuous woman, who was part of the bloodline from which Jesus was born.
August 2009
Love’s Child
This letter gives an overview of the events through time that lead to the birth of Jesus Christ, Love’s Child, and his proclamation to the world to love.
September 2009
Was Jesus Emmanuel?
This letter answers the question, “Is Emmanuel another name for Jesus?”
October 2009
The Uncorruptible Christian
This letter explains how Jesus died and was raised from the dead incorruptible.  With Christ’s resurrection, Christians are also incorruptible.  A Christian’s spiritual inheritance and rewards, and the return of Jesus Christ are also discussed.
November 2009
It Shall Be Opened!
This letter outlines keys on how to ask God for something without wavering, resulting in receiving that which is desired.
December 2009
Ye Shall Have!
This letter shows how to accomplish your dreams and goals by asking, believing and receiving from God what He has promised.
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