2008 Artios Archive

January 2008
The Spirit is Life!
Be ever mindful that the spirit of God in Christ in you is life.
February 2008
Good News
God has plenty of good news in His Word.  The fountain of living waters will quench a thirsty soul seeking for truth.
March 2008
Finding Love
How to find love God’s way.
April 2008
Finding Peace
Learn about the Prince of Peace, and how we as believers can have true peace.
May 2008
Take a Hike
After speaking God’s Word to someone who rejects God, you can walk away, knowing with all confidence that you are not responsible for the believing of any one person.  As you speak God’s Word with boldness, eventually someone will believe and be delivered!
June 2008
Knowing This First
How did God’s Word come to be?  Find out what we must know first about how the Bible originated.
July 2008
Wake Up!
It’s time to wake up to the greatness of righteousness.  Learn the keys to living a Christian lifestyle, free from sin consciousness, and full of radiance.
August 2008
It’s Up To You!
Why not let the more than abundant lifestyle become your standard of living?  It’s up to you!
September 2008
Let’s Understand!
God wants us to be spiritually enlightened, fully understanding who we are with Christ within.
October 2008
Some People Aren’t Nice!
Learn the Christian’s role of kindness, and apply keys on how to identify and handle those people whose behaviors aren’t nice.
November 2008
In Understanding Be Men
Understand that God wants us not to be children, but men in our understanding of the “how” and “when” of speaking in tongues.
December 2008
Darkness and Light – Part I
This letter begins an explanation of different spiritual laws governing darkness and light.  It shows how light always rules over darkness, and lists various attributes of darkness.
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