2007 Artios Archive

January 2007
What’s The Point?
Be a spiritual success by getting to the “main point” in every aspect of life.
February 2007
Two Camps of Forgiveness
Live as a Christian free of sin, guilt and condemnation, knowing that through Jesus Christ we have forgiveness of sins.
March 2007
Love Thy Neighbor
How to love according to the Agape Code of Conduct.
April 2007
The End of Agape?
Begin and maintain a godly lifestyle according to the Agape Code of Conduct.
May 2007
Very Special Men
When God refers to “Sons of Men”, find out who are very special men, set apart by Christ.
June 2007
You Worry Too Much
How to stop worrying and start dwelling on life and peace from God and His Word.
July 2007
Resist the Devil
By submitting yourself to God and standing against the devil, he will flee from you – claim your deliverance now in the name of Jesus Christ!
August 2007
Choose Life or Death
As Christians, we have a choice – to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace – which will you choose?
September 2007
Never Forget
Who is the real you?  Find out, and then – never forget!!
October 2007
No Longer Prisoner
When Jesus Christ gave himself for us, we were freed from our spiritual prisons and led out into the light to live as a freeman in the Lord.
November 2007
Spiritually Minded Spiritually Active
God expects us to be both spiritually minded and spiritually active – learn how to accomplish both in your daily life.
December 2007
You Are Not Alone!
As part of God’s family, you never again have to feel alone.  See what God has provided in the way of marriage and friendships for His sons and daughters.
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