2005 Artios Archive

January 2005
Shalom, Alekum
How to live a Christian lifestyle based on honest and true humility and respect.
February 2005
There’s Simply No Excuse!
What it means to be constrained and to provide excuses – and the consequences of elevating them over God’s Will.
March 2005
Blurred Vision
Establish a clear vision regarding spiritual doctrines, maintaining the truth of God’s Word in your heart and mind.
April 2005
To Whom To Pray
Exactly to whom should the Christian pray?  Learn the truth about this foundational aspect of our Christian walk.
May 2005
Who Is Jesus Christ
Accept what the Bible says about who Jesus Christ really is.
June 2005
Men Ought To Pray
Stop fainting and start praying, and God will avenge you of your adversaries.
July 2005
Darkness And Light
Learn the importance of how God moved three times in Genesis 1:1-3.
August 2005
God wants Christians to become the most confident people on earth.  Lay claim to the inherited benefits of Christ’s comfort and Christ’s superiority.
September 2005
Dealing With Sensual Pleasures
The characteristics and consequences of sensual pleasures, and how to avoid their pitfalls.
October 2005
A Taste of Death
Understand the events involving the three resurrections, who is involved with each, and the significance of those named in the Book of Life.
November 2005
Prayer’s Supernatural Side
Do you want to change your spirituality and start reaping from God’s heavenly storehouses?  Learn about the supernatural side of prayer, and see God work!
December 2005
A Lifestyle of Grace
Live the true Christian lifestyle – one filled with God’s abundant outpouring of grace.
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