2004 Artios Archive

January 2004
Traditional Despair
God’s Word warns of false teachers who promote false doctrines.  Learn
about:  The three-god doctrine; Are dead people still alive; The
difference between Holy Sprit (with caps) and holy spirit (lower case);
and Gifts of the spirit.
February 2004
Poise and Power
The well-equipped Christian is one with both strong poise and strong
power.  Learn the benefits of each so as to be a “Christ-like” man or
March 2004
Let Yourself Be Loved
Not only must we love others, but it is vital to our Christian lifestyle
to willingly and openly receive love from others.
April 2004
Confession of Sins: Yes or No?
Confession of Sins:  Yes or No?
May 2004
Christian Divorce
Understanding marriage and divorce from the Word’s perspective.
June 2004
Love the Lord Jesus Christ
Twice Christians are commanded to love the Lord Jesus Christ – once with
phileo and once with agape.  What does this actually mean?
July 2004
Parable of the Tares of the Field
Experience dynamic keys to the Word’s interpretation in Matthew 13 while
learning about the spiritual battle in which we find ourselves.
August 2004
The Afflicted Soul
Learn how to avoid having an afflicted soul.  Also learn how to bless
and help other souls, so as to not afflict another’s soul.
September 2004
It’s Time To Do Your Part!
The people of Nehemiah Chapter 8 were hungry for the words of God –
learn from their example and delve into the greatest spiritual buffet of
all times.
October 2004
Christian Anger Management
Understand the aspects of controlling anger personally, and how to help
others who have an anger problem.
November 2004
Born Again! How??
Even though many different, well-meaning men and women have many
different ideas on how to become a Christian, the Bible only has one:
Romans 10:9.
December 2004
You’re Good People?
Realize that no one has the right to lay charge to any Christian – learn to deal with all the negatives of life as a Super Christian Conqueror.
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