2003 Artios Archive

July 2003
Freed From the Law of Sin and Death
Unleash the power of God and live a Christ-like life!
August 2003
Getting Ready for the Return
As we manifest the fantastic qualities of agape, the results will be
two-fold – experience great things both before and after the return of Christ.
September 2003
Give and it Shall be Given Unto You
The greatest thing a Christian can give is love – unleash the ability to give love and it shall be given unto you.
October 2003
A New Breed
God wanted a new race, a new breed of men on the face of the earth, and that newness is enabled by the gift Christ shed abroad.  You are the body of Christ!
November 2003
As He Is
The importance of and steps on how to be baptized in holy spirit, and speak in tongues.
December 2003
The Symbol of Defeat
God has provided us a symbol of defeat, and a symbol of victory.  Now is the time to understand both symbols for what they are, and claim our victory!
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